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An Ode to Angry Asians: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Suey Park – The Daily Beast

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My first foray into online commentating, about Suey Park and #CancelColbert. I’ve since come to regret writing this and apologized to Suey for the way I portrayed her in this piece.

One of the things we Asians complain about when we get together at Asian Club with our white cardboard pails of Asian takeout to watch shows on our Asian-manufactured TV is that when it comes to Asian celebrities, there’s awfully slim pickings.

Most of the Asian actors—all four of them—that you’ve probably heard of have already weighed in on the #CancelColbert kerfuffle, and 25 percent of the Asian actors that you’ve probably heard of (B.D. Wong) has actually appeared on The Colbert Report to make fun of the whole thing.

So why not throw my hat into the ring, as an Asian semi-quasi-celebrity, by which I mean a Chinese guy who got a lot of money and attention for winning a game show?

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