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Who Is Arthur Chu? – The Huffington Post

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A blog post designed to plug the eponymous documentary but also to honestly reflect on how weird it is for me to have a platform and a voice through the most unlikely of circumstances.

When I first “went viral,” I was as skeptical about “why this Arthur Chu guy is even a thing” as much as anyone else, believe me. The weirdest thing about this year was seeing an explosion of media discussion of some random guy and not being able to blog about how weird and misplaced it was because for the first time I was that guy.

And the weirdest thing about that is seeing other people doing the obnoxious thing I used to do, blogging about complete strangers confidently making assessments about what they’re “about” based on the tiny slice of their life that made them YouTube famous.

Fox News briefly adopted me as a kind of mascot — they were by far the most aggressive about getting me in for interviews on pretty much every show they had — even though just looking for, like, anything I’d ever written on the Internet before would’ve told them that I was, as Gene Weingarten once said about himself, “so liberal I should be shot for treason.”

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