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Welcome to the Internet: Jonathan Chait and the Death of False Consensus – The Daily Beast

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A rebuttal to Jonathan Chait’s assertion that the current stormy political climate is the far left’s fault and we need to tone down our anger and learn to play ball with conservatives.

Well, Jonathan Chait recently said something “un-PC and he pretty much instantly got the response to being “un-PC” that one thinks he would reasonably have expected—and, some uncharitable readers might say, probably sought out.

Alex Pareene’s thoroughgoing takedown on Gawker is an admirable rebuttal to the idea that the “PC Left” has any kind of stranglehold on the halls of American power, and the fact that Chait reads said rebuttal as purely an ad hominem speaks to the problem here.

Me, I already said the definitive response to Jonathan Chait and the entire white moderate cohort he represents was already written in 1963 by a far better man than any of us talking now, and it is in fact extremely depressing that two weeks after his birthday it’s even more glaringly apparent how few “liberal” Americans have read anything he wrote or care about anything he said.

(Read the entire article at The Daily Beast)

A defense of Binding of Isaac from a former fundamentalist Christian – Polygon

Why does The Binding of Isaac need a “defense?” It’s already wildly popular, and the biggest fans on the game’s subreddit would laugh at the mere 70 hours I’ve logged on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I would have logged more if I didn’t have articles to write to pay my bills. Its creator, Edmund McMillen, is one of the… Continue Reading

Other Times People Were Murdered By Terrorists, And Things That Didn’t Happen Then – Thought Catalog

On May 31, 2009, Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed in cold blood by Scott Roeder, a religious extremist, for the legal act of providing abortion services. No high-ranking politicians called upon President Obama to condemn “radical Christianity.” No sanctions were levied against organizations that Roeder was involved with, such as Operation Rescue. News organizations across the… Continue Reading

Cover-Ups and Concern Trolls: Actually, It’s About Ethics in Suicide Journalism – The Daily Beast

Someday #Gamergate will be far enough behind in my rearview mirror that I’ll stop using them as the lede in every piece. We’re apparently not far enough into 2015 for that yet, though, because the recent kerfuffle over the “ethics” of reporting on teen suicide keeps triggering #GamerGate thoughts in my head. The problem is—as… Continue Reading

January 2nd, 2015 – The Great Globe Itself

Arthur is a cast member in The Great Globe Itself by David Hansen, a new play written for the Great Lakes Theatre Outreach Tour  coming to schools and libraries all over Northeast Ohio. Come see him and two other troupers act out scenes from different incarnations of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, from the Old Globe in London in 1613,… Continue Reading