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Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Mass Murderer on Your $20 – The Daily Beast

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Based on a series of tweets from President’s Day, my tirade about how Andrew Jackson is the worst possible choice for someone to honor on our currency.

So we’re in late February, which means it’s the season for local Jefferson-Jackson Days, when local Democratic Parties hold potlucks to raise money and get people pumped for Get Out the Vote drives. It’s also shortly after President’s Day, which is, for me, always a day spent reminiscing about random presidential trivia and tweeting unpopular opinions.

And for once one of those unpopular opinions caught the attention of an editor and now I’m writing about how the “Jackson” in Jefferson-Jackson Day is an abomination. Indeed, I want to grab my fellow Democrats who say stupid, historically ignorant things about how George W. Bush was “the worst President ever” by the lapels and shove them at Andrew Jackson’s Wikipedia entry, rubbing their nose in it until they understand what they did.

(Read the entire article at The Daily Beast)

Kanye West vs. white mediocrity: The real story behind Beck, Beyonce and “SNL” 40 – Salon

There was a lot to criticize about the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary celebration–Jerry Seinfeld’s #SorryNotSorry joshing around about “SNL’s” 40-year history of whiteness, cringeworthy reminders of the show’s tendency to run dubiously funny gags into the ground, and the mystifying continued relevance of Sarah Palin. So it was strange–though not surprising, for Internet junkies–that Kanye West came in… Continue Reading

Gatekeeping Trolls: Mind Your Own Business And Stop Harassing Crowdfunders – Thought Catalog

We Internet veterans–I hesitantly include myself in this group despite my youth because I, like many weird nerd kids, was way too into intellectual-property debates when I was in my teens–have been spending a long time thinking about the slow crumbling of traditional distribution channels for art and media, and how indie creators can thrive… Continue Reading

The Chapel Hill Shootings and the Benefit of the Doubt – The Daily Beast

It finally happened. The #ChapelHillShootings tag worked—the media actually paid attention to a “role reversal” story about a white anti-Muslim murdering three Muslims and covered it as a hate crime. After all the “When pigs fly” jokes about how it would never happen we actually got to witness a miracle—educated white anti-Muslim atheists having to publicly,… Continue Reading

Imagining Social Media Networks As Real-Life Physical Spaces To Gain A Clearer Understanding Of Online Culture – Thought Catalog

Facebook is Thanksgiving dinner. Your whole family is there — your parents, your siblings, your cousins, including the cousins so distant that you don’t feel weird about flirting with them. Your random friends from high school who still live in your hometown and for some reason or another don’t interact with their own families and are… Continue Reading