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Hey, white Hollywood: Looking for work in the age of “Empire”? Here’s some friendly advice – Salon

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A survival guide for white actors unfairly stigmatized in a world of “ethnic casting.” (Massive sarcasm.)

In every happy story there is always an unseen victim, someone who gets rained on by everyone else’s silver lining. You might think that the news for primetime TV in 2015 can only be good–audiences are celebrating the wave of smart programming with diverse ensembles both in front of and behind the camera.

And far from having to make some virtuous financial sacrifice at the altar of diversity, the network suits are cleaning up. Over-the-air primetime TV has never felt more vibrant or relevant, even as “alternative” streaming platforms continue to thrive. “Empire” has shattered records and reclaimed the eyeballs of the Twitter commentariat from “prestige” cable channels.

Critics are happy. Advertisers are happy. Viewers are happy. The cast and crew and showrunners and suits and stockholders are all happy.

(Read the entire article at Salon)

Gay Money Is No Good in Indiana – The Daily Beast

GenCon, the world’s biggest convention for tabletop gaming and a massive moneymaking machine for the State of Indiana, has responded to a bill that legalizes discrimination against LGBT customers by threatening to leave the state—and take their $50 million-a-year convention elsewhere. This isn’t because GenCon is run by political progressives or “social justice warriors” trying to… Continue Reading

March 19th, 2015 – Johanna: Facing Forward

Arthur has been cast in Johanna: Facing Forward, a ripped-from-the-headlines play written by renowned playwright Tlaloc Rivas. We explore the true story of Johanna Orozco, a teenage girl shot in the face by her boyfriend in 2007, and how her story became a Cleveland byword for dark doings behind closed doors and the resulting media frenzy when… Continue Reading

#RaceTogether is a debacle: The real reason why Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coke keep failing on Twitter – Salon

Well, it’s only been 24 hours as I write this since Starbucks announced its #RaceTogether campaign and already it can safely be said to have transitioned from “experiment” to “debacle.” The consensus is overwhelmingly against #RaceTogether, especially among pretty much every actual person of color I’ve heard weigh in on it–and, indeed, when I straw-polled my… Continue Reading

Our toxic remake culture: Why do we insist on making the same old white-guy movies over and over? – Salon

Like it or not — despite the many, many hectoring jeremiads by the people who fall on the “not” side of the argument — “remake culture” seems to be here to stay. The most anticipated films of the upcoming year are all adaptations of or sequels to works that are decades old. And that’s not news; these… Continue Reading

Rest In Peace, Sir Terry Pratchett: A Guide To Escape From Escapism – Thought Catalog

One of the most divisive terms that’s been used to tar the fantasy genre is the term “escapism”; the controversy over whether fantasy is fundamentally “escapist” and, if so, whether it ought to be, goes back a long way. J. R. R. Tolkien famously defended escapism, saying that a soldier captured by the enemy had… Continue Reading

Race, outrage and white male excuses: It’s much worse than just one frat boy – Salon

My Twitter feed is celebrating some unusually badass victories going down in the world of civil rights at the moment. We have a clearly documented case of horrific, vicious racism verbalized as blatantly as you could ask for–brothers of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon gleefully chanting in praise of white supremacy and in mockery of murdered black men.… Continue Reading

Racial Stereotypes Can Be Funny – Slate

Before I binge-watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I was very aware of the criticisms swirling around Tina Fey’s new show: about race, gender, and the politics of being an Asian dude who’s into redheads. I came into it having read this, and this, and this, prepared to have thoughts about whether the elements of Jacqueline’s Native American parents were offensive.… Continue Reading

Targeted for “looking Muslim”: The Dawkins/Harris worldview and a twisted new hypocrisy which feeds racism – Salon

One of the most obnoxious refrains you hear when you complain about Islamophobia in the United States being a form of racism is “Islam isn’t a race, it’s a religion.” It’s a nasty derailing technique that’s endorsed by luminaries such as Richard Dawkins. And it’s wrong for transparent reasons. You don’t need to look far for… Continue Reading