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This Season of The Bachelorette Is a Bust – Slate

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I get persuaded to watch the latest season of The Bachelorette and observe that the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise does have a certain integrity to it, which this season violates.

The Bachelor franchise has outlived many other dating shows by avoiding being easily pegged as a vehicle for cheap objectification. Yes, it’s romance in a highly artificial environment, but romance is all about artificiality—we all engage in it every time we plan a “perfect” date, be it a first date or a 10th date or a “date night” with our spouse. We all sometimes nurture the hope that the magic of love at first sight under ideal circumstances—the alluring eye contact with a “perfect” stranger—can blossom into something real. We all know someone it’s happened to, and we long to see it happen on TV, even though it usually doesn’t (given the dismal record of marriages produced by the show).

But that fantasy is a delicate one. The barest hint of cynicism or sleaze is enough to puncture that bubble. And three episodes into this season of The Bachelorette, I’ve already given up on the show.

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“Every single cop in Cleveland is here”: Arthur Chu’s shocking stories from inside the Tamir Rice/Michael Brelo protests – Salon

The voice that keeps ringing in my head is Brian O’Halloran from “Clerks”: “I’m not even supposed to be here today.” I’d, of course, seen the initial Facebook announcement of a protest to take place this weekend in memory of Tamir Rice; it turned out also to be the day the verdict was announced in the… Continue Reading

‘Mad Max’: How Men’s Rights Activists Killed the World – The Daily Beast

I admit it—the main reason I bought an opening weekend ticket for Mad Max: Fury Road was to, specifically, piss off the various men’s-rights advocates angrily telling me that, as a man, I should boycott it for being feminist propaganda. Continuing my life’s goal of doing pretty much the opposite of whatever the defenders of manliness tell men to do,… Continue Reading

Please let David Letterman go: From “Mad Men” to “Sopranos,” our obsession with endings gets everything backwards – Salon

Do we care too much about endings? It’s basically impossible now for any popular TV series to come to an end without igniting a fractious Internet debate. “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner anticipated a backlash to his ending episode long before the ending or any of the episodes running up to it aired. It’s almost as though what… Continue Reading

Dear Eddie Huang: You Don’t Get to Tell Black People, or Other Asian People, How They Should Feel or Who They Should Be – Alternet

Last week, the sitcom-watching portion of Asian America finally got the news they’d been waiting for with bated breath: Fresh Off the Boat survived. In fact, a lot of great shows survived, including shows whose survival was seen as a kind of referendum on TV diversity: Blackish, Jane the Virgin,andEmpire, as well as the whole Shonda Rhimes juggernaut (Scandal, How… Continue Reading

Fear of An AI Planet: What ‘Age of Ultron’ and ‘Ex Machina’ Get Wrong About Our Robot Overlords – The Daily Beast

So everyone was waiting for the viral tweet about how the villain of Avengers: Age of Ultron merely reflects how evil the Internet is in real life, and the Internet, of course, obliged. It’s somehow fitting that most of the Twitter reaction to the film has become a meta-reaction to the Twitter reaction to the film, and how Joss… Continue Reading

Joss Whedon is right: Twitter is a loud, shallow waste of time — and I’m leaving, too – Salon

Among all the other great things Joss Whedon has done for me over the years, he did me a great favor this week–he gave me an excuse to walk away from Twitter. Like ironic Buffy Speak or modernized Shakespeare or feminism, it can be yet another thing I do because Joss made it cool. But anyone who actually reads my… Continue Reading

When it’s easier to believe in superheroes than racists – Fusion

There’s a lot of complaints–justified ones–that in the current superhero movie boom, black characters have been given short shrift. It was pretty glaring when two awesome black characters played by two awesome black actors, Don Cheadle’s War Machine and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, are in Avengers: Age of Ultron for maybe two minutes and then only as sidekicks.… Continue Reading

“I condemn the riots in the same breath that I condemn the police brutality…” – Salon

So let’s get this out of the way: I don’t like riots. Nobody likes riots. Money is lost. Property is destroyed. People get hurt and killed. Riots become a reason to institute martial law and brutalize citizens, generally with little regard for what those citizens did in the riot. People who participate in riots don’t tend to be… Continue Reading