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Monthly Archives: October 2015

My “Supergirl” hypocrisy: Female superheroes don’t need to be “broken” to kick ass

I was one of the many Internet snarkers ragging on “Supergirl” when the “first look” trailer came out in May. The unfortunate timing of it coming out right after a hilarious spoof of “chick flick” tropes in a superhero context on “SNL” was just too much to ignore. In unison with a gro aning Twitter… Continue Reading

We are the evil Empire now: This is how “Star Wars” grows up — by confronting what it means to become a traitor to your own beliefs

So I’m as excited about the “Star Wars Episode VII“ trailer as the next huge dork. The story of this year’s “Star Wars” hype has been one thing we didn’t know we’d always wanted until we saw it after another. We still have absolutely no idea what the BB-8 droid is, what it does or what role… Continue Reading

The Social Web And The Digital Panopticon

I don’t much care for modern “yellow peril” stories. Such stories rely on the fact that China is a foreign country with a billion and a half people in it that still reflexively scares Americans. It makes it very easy to write alarmist “trend pieces” where a few headlines get blown up into a story… Continue Reading

Arthur Chu to Matt Jackson: You’re a better “Jeopardy” player than me

Dear Matt Jackson, a Paralegal From Washington, D.C.. Whose 10-Day Cash Winnings Total $289,411: I write this while currently staying in a country (Taiwan, visiting relatives) where people generally haven’t heard of Jeopardy! It’s a relief in some ways, because it means I get to get used to no longer being “the Jeopardy! guy.” By rights… Continue Reading