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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Chris Rock’s Oscars didn’t “fight the power”: A night of crude jokes and cynical deflection is a poor way to show progress

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Of all the people disappointed by the Oscars ceremony last night, the most disappointed were the audience.It’s a joke you can make any year, but this year is special–this is the year that all eyes were on Chris Rock to see how he’d deal with the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that became impossible to ignore once several big names boycotted the ceremony, leaving the Oscars audience an uncomfortably white crowd.

Blaming Rock as host for the Oscars’ ratings dipping to an eight-year low is, of course, nonsense. The fact that Rock announced he’d directly address the #OscarsSoWhite protests is probably the only reason many people–including myself–tuned in. God knows the ceremony’s buzz would not have been improved by a white presenter who signaled they would carefully avoid any mention of race.

What did we get? I’d like to damn the night with faint praise by saying it was “as much as we could’ve expected,” but even that wasn’t true–it was on par with what we could’ve expected, but with some glaring unforced errors.

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Between Fandom, Friendship, and Stalking: How the internet erases fine lines.

Everything is older than people think. In 2009 the verb “unfriend” made the news as Word of the Year because of the transformative effect Facebook had supposedly had on our language by watering down the meaning of “friendship”. But Facebook got that terminology from MySpace, who got it from the long-forgotten Friendster, who got it—from… Continue Reading

Come see me at MAGES at MAGFest!

So MAGFest is my “home gaming con” in the DC area and I’ve joined their MAGES (Music and Gaming Educational Symposium) initiative, which is the extra-geeky track of the con where we take a break from listening to music and playing video games to talking about music and video games and academic nerd debates. This… Continue Reading

Gertsburg Law Anti-Cyberbullying Essay Contest

Very pleased and proud to be working with the Gertsburg Law Firm for their first ever “We Solve Problems” essay contest. If you’re a business or organization in the Cleveland area that wants to help in the fight against cyberbullying consider joining this anti-cyberbullying essay contest for local students as a sponsor or judge! Submissions… Continue Reading

Yes, and … that joke is sexist: Improv troupes, unchecked creepiness and the toll that being “cool with it” takes

So where are the funny women? That’s an easy question to answer today–they’re everywhere, they’re headlining shows like “Inside Amy Schumer“ and starring in sitcoms like “Broad City“ and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend“ and running publications like The Toast. They’re even, finally, hosting late-night talk shows after years of paying their dues for male hosts (even if, somehow,… Continue Reading

Beyoncé’s Black Lives Matter Tribute Defies the Laws of Celebrity Activism

It’s becoming a tradition that the Super Bowl halftime show generates orders of magnitude more discussion than the game itself; this year, thankfully, there was something more substantive to discuss than the unknown identity of a surprisingly uncoordinated shark. This time the big news was Beyoncé utterly stealing the show from Coldplay as the “special guest”… Continue Reading

I like Bernie Sanders. His supporters? Not so much

I’m not #FeelingTheBern anymore. I’m on Bernie Sanders’ side policy-wise. I agree with many more of his positions than I do Hillary Clinton’s. I donated money to his campaign last year and I intend to vote for him in the Ohio primary in March. Still, the “Berniebro” phenomenon has left me feeling, well, Berned-out. I… Continue Reading

Forget Bill. Be Like Phil.

Hi everyone. Meet Phil. Phil has seen that stick figure meme on Facebook and gotten a hearty chuckle out of it once or twice. He may even have clicked on the app to create one of his own, although he takes it into consideration when people warn him that these standalone apps made to cash… Continue Reading