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An Open Letter To Sarah Ditum From A Concerned Reader – Thought Catalog

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My TC debut, an expansion on my earlier Salon piece on Sarah Ditum and Leelah Alcorn, looking at the disingenuousness of suddenly caring about the ethics of reporting on suicide when it’s a trans woman involved.

Hi, Ms. Ditum, or Sarah, whichever you prefer. You’ve currently got me blocked on Twitter so I felt that since I had a few pressing questions to ask you and no contact info on hand I would write you an open letter on Thought Catalog instead.

I confess that I hadn’t been aware of your online profile until the stir caused by your recent article condemning coverage of Leelah Alcorn’s suicide. When I started seeking out your work in the process of writing this piece, I was impressed at your prolific output at The GuardianThe New Statesman and other outlets.

In an effort to further my education I began reading through your past articles, conveniently collected on your website. I discovered you were the author of a few pieces I remember admiring in the past, like this piece a friend shared with me back in May.

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