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Arthur Chu to Matt Jackson: You’re a better “Jeopardy” player than me

Dear Matt Jackson, a Paralegal From Washington, D.C.. Whose 10-Day Cash Winnings Total $289,411:

I write this while currently staying in a country (Taiwan, visiting relatives) where people generally haven’t heard of Jeopardy! It’s a relief in some ways, because it means I get to get used to no longer being “the Jeopardy! guy.”

By rights that title should already have been stripped from me multiple times. As much as I enjoyed being the first contestant to break double digits since Dave Madden’s run in 2005 and hitting No. 3 in streak length and total money won inJeopardy! history, I lost both of those distinctions to Julia Collins a few months later.

Of course, for a lot of reasons, including my inability to keep my mouth shut on social media and the way people insisted on talking about Julia’s gender before anything else about her run, Julia didn’t get the attention relative to me that she really deserved.

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