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Speaking at UW in Seattle!

I’ll be speaking at the University of Washington in Seattle as a celebrity guest for their Asian Student Commission on Wednesday, May 4th, from 7-8pm in the Alder Commons Auditorium (1310 NE 40th Street Seattle, WA 98105). I’ll be talking about the historical roots of the Model Minority Myth and the pigeonhole Asian-Americans have been shoved into and how we can push back.

Hoping to see some of you there!

The dark side of “visibility”: How we slept on trans people becoming the new scapegoats of the right

I was happy to hear about the International Trans Day of Visibility two years ago. I agreed with the sentiment that the Transgender Day of Remembrance in November being the only trans holiday was morbid and depressing and that celebrating happy, healthy trans lives was a positive goal. I was happy to be one of… Continue Reading

Why Social Media Companies Aren’t Liable for Abuse on Their Platforms

Of everything I’ve written–and I’ve covered some pretty heavy, controversial topics–I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as much blowback as when I advocated the amendment or repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. For most people Section 230, sometimes called the Good Samaritan Clause, is an obscure piece of legislation, but for those… Continue Reading

Hollywood’s Asian Punching Bags: Why There Shouldn’t Be a ‘Safe’ Minority to Joke About

Let’s take it back to 2014. Let’s talk about #CancelColbert. A few things: The Colbert Report shouldn’t have been canceled (unless it was to promote him to hosting The Late Show, which did in fact happen). Stephen Colbert isn’t a racist—or, rather, not any more of an overt, malicious racist than I am, or anyone… Continue Reading

Chris Rock’s Oscars didn’t “fight the power”: A night of crude jokes and cynical deflection is a poor way to show progress

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Of all the people disappointed by the Oscars ceremony last night, the most disappointed were the audience.It’s a joke you can make any year, but this year is special–this is the year that all eyes were on Chris Rock to see how he’d deal with the #OscarsSoWhite controversy… Continue Reading

Between Fandom, Friendship, and Stalking: How the internet erases fine lines.

Everything is older than people think. In 2009 the verb “unfriend” made the news as Word of the Year because of the transformative effect Facebook had supposedly had on our language by watering down the meaning of “friendship”. But Facebook got that terminology from MySpace, who got it from the long-forgotten Friendster, who got it—from… Continue Reading

Come see me at MAGES at MAGFest!

So MAGFest is my “home gaming con” in the DC area and I’ve joined their MAGES (Music and Gaming Educational Symposium) initiative, which is the extra-geeky track of the con where we take a break from listening to music and playing video games to talking about music and video games and academic nerd debates. This… Continue Reading

Gertsburg Law Anti-Cyberbullying Essay Contest

Very pleased and proud to be working with the Gertsburg Law Firm for their first ever “We Solve Problems” essay contest. If you’re a business or organization in the Cleveland area that wants to help in the fight against cyberbullying consider joining this anti-cyberbullying essay contest for local students as a sponsor or judge! Submissions… Continue Reading