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Bill Cosby: Why Weren’t You Outraged? – The Daily Beast

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Another defense against the backlash against “social media outrage,” pointing out that it was the Twitter activists who finally got the mainstream media to give meaningful coverage to the allegations against Bill Cosby.

Last week I talked about how the “outrage culture” that it’s trendy to bash these days—which included the outrage against Brendan EichChick-fil-A, and other “political correctness gone mad” headlines—played a starring role in getting same-sex marriage from unachievable dream to inevitable reality.

That seems to be a controversial thesis, with lots of people lecturing me that no, same-sex marriage was a slow build of changing hearts and minds that had nothing to do with boycotts, name-and-shame campaigns, or loudmouths on Twitter. It was just a coincidence that from 2000 to 2008 we saw same-sex marriage get drubbed routinely in the polls. It’s just weird, freaky happenstance that the groundswell of anger post-Prop 8 and the supposedly “unprecedented” step of directly targeting individual donors for protest led to everyone suddenly declaring their public support for same-sex marriage one election cycle later.

But how about this? We’re finally talking about Bill Cosby. We’re just now finding out that Bill Cosby outright admitted to using illicit drugs to rape women. We’re finding out that he admitted this in court and under oath, and yet despite this his legal team was able to keep him from experiencing any legal consequences for his actions—and was able to keep those records sealed from the eyes of the public.

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