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Forget Bill. Be Like Phil.

Hi everyone. Meet Phil. Phil has seen that stick figure meme on Facebook and gotten a hearty chuckle out of it once or twice. He may even have clicked on the app to create one of his own, although he takes it into consideration when people warn him that these standalone apps made to cash… Continue Reading

Twitter’s toxic party: Anything goes, everyone’s invited and the host is too terrified to set down house rules

Ever feel like you’re the person at the party whose only means of communication is yelling over the music “I hate this place!” to other people who likewise hate this place? I’m a nerdy writer who spends way too much time on the Internet. A huge portion of my social circle is people I only… Continue Reading

The “Star Wars” kids aren’t alright: The movie gets millennials right — our fight isn’t with “The Man,” but with each other

A lot has already been written about “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” and its meteoric ascent into the pop-culture canon after the mixed reaction to the prequels. One of the takes I liked best was how the very idea of doing a sequel to “Return of the Jedi” and its splashy happy ending… Continue Reading

The Oscars have a taste problem, too: Here’s hoping new academy rules can zap middlebrow “Oscar-bait” dreck for good

The big news this week after a steady barrage of #OscarsSoWhite controversy is that the academy has finally, to a degree, caved. People of color in Hollywood finally hit a breaking point after the second year in a row of zero non-white nominees in the acting categories. With big names like Spike Lee, Michael Moore… Continue Reading

My Life as an Alien-American

“Asians are aliens and aliens are Asians.” It wasn’t a big presentation, even for a small liberal arts school like Swarthmore College. It was held in a classroom, not in one of the big lecture halls, attended mostly by professors who chuckled at the idea of studying racial tropes in pulpy space opera with barely… Continue Reading

Celebrity deaths and the “problematic fave”: Enough with the moral tug-of-war between “hero” and “villain” legacies

My feelings about the past week of grieving celebrities and bickering with fellow social-justice-warrior-y types about how to grieve over celebrities were summed up pretty well by a tweet from one of my Twitter friends: “A quick Google and a thorough check of Your Fave Is Problematic indicate that it’s safe to publicly mournAlan Rickman.”… Continue Reading

Don’t blame me for Donald Trump: The liberal “p.c. police” didn’t make this monster

All those who don’t themselves support Trump pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other for Donald Trump’s runaway candidacy is the new spectator sport. Normally I wouldn’t find a new column blaming me (or, rather, people like me) for Donald Trump’s existence as a political figure to be remarkable, but Tom Nichols is a… Continue Reading

Stop calling them “Vanilla ISIS”: Mocking the Bundys and Oregon extremists pretends that violence isn’t an American tradition

Yes, I laughed at the names “Y’all Qaeda” and “Vanilla ISIS” to describe the armed terrorists–and yes, I do insist on using that word–who’ve taken over a federal building in Oregon. And like many other Twitter users it took me just a few hours to regret laughing at the name and start saying we shouldn’t… Continue Reading