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Cover-Ups and Concern Trolls: Actually, It’s About Ethics in Suicide Journalism – The Daily Beast

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My unhappy response to Sarah Ditum’s calls to silence Leelah Alcorn’s story in the name of not sensationalizing suicide.

Someday #Gamergate will be far enough behind in my rearview mirror that I’ll stop using them as the lede in every piece.

We’re apparently not far enough into 2015 for that yet, though, because the recent kerfuffle over the “ethics” of reporting on teen suicide keeps triggering #GamerGate thoughts in my head.

The problem is—as my ironic headline for this piece indicates—the #GamerGate fiasco has conditioned me, like Pavlov’s dog, to roll my eyes at the very sound of the phrase “ethics in games journalism.” “Ethics” has been ruined as a word for me to a degree that even the Scientologists weren’t able to manage, and they tried their hardest.

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