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Dear Eddie Huang: You Don’t Get to Tell Black People, or Other Asian People, How They Should Feel or Who They Should Be – Alternet

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A reluctant confrontation with someone I saw as an Asian-American badass hero, but who finally took his cocky act one step too far.

Last week, the sitcom-watching portion of Asian America finally got the news they’d been waiting for with bated breath: Fresh Off the Boat survived.

In fact, a lot of great shows survived, including shows whose survival was seen as a kind of referendum on TV diversity: BlackishJane the Virgin,andEmpire, as well as the whole Shonda Rhimes juggernaut (Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy). But Fresh Off the Boat held a special significance.

The second ever Asian-American family sitcom in TV history will not share the fate of the first ever Asian-American family sitcom in TV history, Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl—an ignominious ratings slide followed by a peremptory cancellation after one season. We’ll get to see the fictional Eddie Huang continue to court his neighbor Nicole, watch what happens when he turns 12, and see what develops in the rivalry between Louis Huang’s Cattlemen’s Ranch restaurant and his arch-rival chain the Golden Saddle, etc.

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