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Death of the Author by Viral Infection: In Defense of Taylor Swift, Digital Doomsayer – The Daily Beast

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A defense of Taylor Swift’s attack on digital streaming services and how the expectation of “free content” has caused us to devalue art.

I was a big fan of Taylor Swift at the AMAs, and not just because she is even better at doing an improvised awkward goofy dance than I am.

It’s also because, believe it or not, Taylor Swift is the first artist I can remember in a long, long time to make a meaningful political statement while accepting an award at the AMAs—not speaking out against war or in favor of feeding the hungry or other relatively easy statements for pop stars to make, but a political statement about an issue affecting the music industry.

Awards shows are generally, despite their pretensions of celebrating the “craft,” starkly terrified of ever letting the audience get a peek at how the sausage gets made. Talk of money-grubbing commerce is banned from awards shows, which is why a deliberate troll like Ricky Gervais led with it in his 2011 Golden Globes monologue.

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