Writer | Actor | Voice-Over Artist

Resume and Demo

Before I got famous and people started caring what I thought about things, my main method for getting attention was to go up on stage and act. I’ve worked with lots of amazing people at lots of amazing theaters, including Washington Improv Theatre and Studio Theatre in Washington DC, and, here in Northeast Ohio, Actors’ Summit, the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival and Cleveland Public Theatre.

Check out my résumé if you’d like me to audition for your next project.

I’m also an accomplished voiceover artist, with clients like Safeway and Lincoln Electric, I mostly specialize in corporate training videos and presentations, thanks to my classic baritone Narrator Voice, but I’ve also mixed it up with wacky character voices. One of my favorite projects was doing the audiobook recordings for the webcomic Erfworld by Rob Balder. Another is me getting Biblical in Joseph Zitt’s The Book of Voices, as Adam and Japheth.

Here’s my demo, recorded by legendary VO coach and my personal mentor, Nancy Wolfson:

If you like what you hear and you’re hiring for a voiceover gig, feel free to get in touch!