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Don’t blame me for Donald Trump: The liberal “p.c. police” didn’t make this monster

All those who don’t themselves support Trump pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other for Donald Trump’s runaway candidacy is the new spectator sport. Normally I wouldn’t find a new column blaming me (or, rather, people like me) for Donald Trump’s existence as a political figure to be remarkable, but Tom Nichols is a fellow “Jeopardy!” champion and that was apparently enough for people to fill my inbox with links to his most recent column.

The idea that the left-wing “p.c. police” are somehow responsible for the monstrousness of Trump and his supporters was annoying enough, before Mother Jones columnist Kevin Drum jumped in with the remarkable chutzpah to say, as a white male liberal, that he agreed liberals “yell racism a little more than we should” and the “privilege thing gets tiresome.”

Follow that up with Jonathan Last in the Weekly Standard claiming that Trump is indeed somehow Obama’s fault for being a high-handed imperial president and that Obama’s most recent speech about gun control is an example of bullying p.c. policing and I, as we p.c. millennials say, can’t even.

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