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Eddie Huang is our Richard Pryor: “Fresh off the Boat” and TV history in the making – Salon

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Hailing the landmark launch of the second-ever Asian-American family sitcom, and why it’s so important not just that it’s an “Asian show” but that it’s a show about one particular Asian.

OK, I’m an Asian who writes about pop culture on the Internet, and that means you’re going to hear from me about “Fresh off the Boat” this week. It’s inevitable. If you don’t want to hear about this show I suggest unfollowing all Asians less important than Ban Ki-Moon for at least the next few months.

First off: Watch it. It’s a good show. I mean, don’t take my word for it, the positive reviews are rolling in and we’re already hearing superlatives like “best new sitcom of 2015.”

All I can say is that, as someone who’s seen screeners of the first three episodes, the show only improves after the pilot. I’m willing to put this one on my DVR schedule for the rest of the year.

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