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“Every single cop in Cleveland is here”: Arthur Chu’s shocking stories from inside the Tamir Rice/Michael Brelo protests – Salon

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A first-person narrative about my conflicted feelings about participating in the police brutality protests in Cleveland.

The voice that keeps ringing in my head is Brian O’Halloran from “Clerks”: “I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

I’d, of course, seen the initial Facebook announcement of a protest to take place this weekend in memory of Tamir Rice; it turned out also to be the day the verdict was announced in the trial of Michael Brelo for the shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. I’d also seen, and signal-boosted, the creepy counter-protest stacked with people promising to bring concealed weapons to “protect” their neighborhood.

But I’d told everyone I couldn’t be there in person. We’re starting tech rehearsals for the play I’m in, “Johanna: Facing Forward,” which opens next week. My Memorial Day weekend is already spoken for.

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