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Fear of An AI Planet: What ‘Age of Ultron’ and ‘Ex Machina’ Get Wrong About Our Robot Overlords – The Daily Beast

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Using recent science fiction films as a springboard to talk about the disappointing fact that technology doesn’t change human nature but instead amplifies our worst qualities. Our greatest fear shouldn’t be “inhuman” machines but machines that are all too human.

So everyone was waiting for the viral tweet about how the villain of Avengers: Age of Ultron merely reflects how evil the Internet is in real life, and the Internet, of course, obliged.

It’s somehow fitting that most of the Twitter reaction to the film has become a meta-reaction to the Twitter reaction to the film, and how Joss Whedon has become the latest beloved geek celebrity to abandon social media.

Much like Twitter, after all, Ultron is a digital tool initially created to be a positive force in the world that almost immediately subverts this goal into destroying everything it can with malicious, trollish glee.

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