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GamerGate rides again: Corporate arrogance just turned SXSW’s “big tent” into a three-ring circus

I really want to be done with being angry and disappointed about SXSW; this is far more attention than I ever wanted to pay to a conference that, frankly, I would be leery of spending the time and money to go to even if there weren’t any current “controversy.”

But I can’t stay silent when screw-up follows screw-up. I already spoke out about the disrespect and carelessness that led to a GamerGate panel being approved for SXSW Interactive, and how all of this was avoidable if SXSW had only taken the time and energy to listen to victims of harassment and understand the situation rather than following the perceived path of least resistance.

Unfortunately they didn’t take that advice. They didn’t really come up with a solution–that would have required talking to people like Randi Harper, Katherine Cross and Caroline Sinders about the reasons they were doing an anti-harassment panel in the first place and getting their firsthand perspective on how to fix it.

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