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Gatekeeping Trolls: Mind Your Own Business And Stop Harassing Crowdfunders – Thought Catalog

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An angry reaction to the unacceptable treatment crowdfunders get from gatekeepers online, foreshadowing the later events of Gamergate.

We Internet veterans–I hesitantly include myself in this group despite my youth because I, like many weird nerd kids, was way too into intellectual-property debates when I was in my teens–have been spending a long time thinking about the slow crumbling of traditional distribution channels for art and media, and how indie creators can thrive outside such models.

The holy grail was a model that would allow creators to demand payment for their work commensurate with the demand for that work without needing to put digital media under lock and key–without needing to sell X units to make Y dollars and needing the copy protection, the corporate marketing/advertising campaigns and the storefront presence that model entails.

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