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I Blame People Who Blame the Media: Robert McCulloch’s Tone-Deaf Speech – The Daily Beast

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A reaction to the failure to indict Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown, and the disingenuous oft-repeated claim that the unrest in Ferguson was the media’s fault.

There’s already been plenty of ink spilled in response to Robert McCulloch’s rambling, evasive, tone-deaf speech announcing no indictment in Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown. It has been pointed out how incredibly rare it is for grand juries to not deliver an indictment, period, much less a case in which no one disputes an unarmed man was shot dead in front of witnesses, and how unusual it is for a prosecutor to appear pleased and satisfied with his own failure to obtain an indictment.

It’s hard not to comment on torturedly noncommittal turns of phrase like “Darren Wilson caused the death of Michael Brown by shooting him,” or “For how many years have we been talking about the issues that lead to incidents like this?”, in an effort to avoid the appearance of downplaying the seriousness of what took place while still downplaying the seriousness of what took place.

No, the part that grabbed my attention was the part that wasn’t unusual at all. The refrain that I hear over, and over, and over again.

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