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“I condemn the riots in the same breath that I condemn the police brutality…” – Salon

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Stealing Martin Luther King’s response to demands to pass judgment on rioters.

So let’s get this out of the way: I don’t like riots.

Nobody likes riots. Money is lost. Property is destroyed. People get hurt and killed. Riots become a reason to institute martial law and brutalize citizens, generally with little regard for what those citizens did in the riot.

People who participate in riots don’t tend to be happy at the time or look back fondly on their memories of them afterward. People who get disingenuously accused of “liking” riots hardly ever express anything close to an actual “pro-riot” sentiment.

Let’s get something else clear right away — the term “riot” isn’t all that useful. It describes any disorganized outbreak of violence, but people running out and breaking things for the fun of it is not the same as violence in response to ongoing injustice.

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