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I don’t want to talk about Walter Scott: Police brutality in a world of media bullshit – Fusion

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Sometimes all you can say about racism in America is an angry, bitter screed about how you don’t have anything left to say.

A common charge that gets thrown at you when you tell people you write on current events—especially if you write for outlets smeared with the “clickbait” or “outrage” label— is that you’re thin-skinned. The stereotype is that your job is to react more strongly and emotionally than “normal” people to current events, that you’re a Professional Offense-Taker.

Honestly? Since I started doing this for a living (well, sort of a living while otherwise living off of ill-gotten game-show gains) I’ve found myself getting thicker-skinned, more cynical, more numb.

Everyone wants to talk about Walter Scott’s death. And I, someone who actually gets paid to do that, who’s argued passionately that it is our social responsibility to talk about things like Walter Scott’s death, want to do anything but.

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