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Imagining Social Media Networks As Real-Life Physical Spaces To Gain A Clearer Understanding Of Online Culture – Thought Catalog

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A whimsical little piece about trying to use analogies to get the weird different “cultures” of different social media platforms.

Facebook is Thanksgiving dinner. Your whole family is there — your parents, your siblings, your cousins, including the cousins so distant that you don’t feel weird about flirting with them. Your random friends from high school who still live in your hometown and for some reason or another don’t interact with their own families and are now awkwardly here.

There are many different tables people sit at, an grownups’ table where people have Serious Conversations About What’s Going On In Our Lives, a kids’ table that seems to be a continuous high-pitched shrill whine of incomprehensible noise, the den table around which the middle-aged guys shoot the shit about sports, the coffee table around which the middle-aged women gossip about celebrities.

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