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Joss Whedon is right: Twitter is a loud, shallow waste of time — and I’m leaving, too – Salon

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How Joss Whedon’s controversial exit from social media inspired my own walking away from the platform that gained me so much of my notoriety.

Among all the other great things Joss Whedon has done for me over the years, he did me a great favor this week–he gave me an excuse to walk away from Twitter. Like ironic Buffy Speak or modernized Shakespeare or feminism, it can be yet another thing I do because Joss made it cool.

But anyone who actually reads my Twitter feed can probably sense that Twitter has been souring for me for a while now. Which is strange, because for the past year and a half I’ve tweeted more than pretty much anyone else I know.

Everyone who meets me makes some kind of comment about me and my 24.2K Twitter followers like it’s one of my primary achievements. I’ve had the uncomfortable experience of being singled out by people very consciously trying not to single me out when a local community theater project starts talking “social media engagement”–like being the one millionaire at a charity function, everyone knows it’s your retweets that really count.

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