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Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend at GaymerX 3!

Super excited to see everyone at GaymerX 3: Everyone Games in San Jose this weekend!

I’m signed up to be on three panels this year! On Friday, Dec. 11 I’m on “We Need More Diverse Games” (along with, among others, Katherine Cross and Tanya DePass) at 2 pm.

Then on Sunday, Dec. 13 I’m on “How My Geeky Interests Got Me a Job” at 12:00 noon, talking about the wild ride that got me writing about geek culture for a living, and “All Your Culture Are Belong To Us” at 1:00 pm, talking about the fraught issue of cultural appropriation in RPGs.

It all happens this weekend at the San Jose Convention Center — check out the schedule here for details. Hope to see many of you there!