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‘Mad Max’: How Men’s Rights Activists Killed the World – The Daily Beast

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A review of the “feminist” Mad Max sequel, Mad Max: Fury Road, from the perspective of a Mad Max fan who believes the feminist messages in Fury Road were embedded in the Mad Max series all along.

I admit it—the main reason I bought an opening weekend ticket for Mad Max: Fury Road was to, specifically, piss off the various men’s-rights advocates angrily telling me that, as a man, I should boycott it for being feminist propaganda. Continuing my life’s goal of doing pretty much the opposite of whatever the defenders of manliness tell men to do, I of course bought a ticket for an opening weekend 3D showing in order to give as much money to my feminist overlords (ladies?) as possible.

Was it the massive triumph for feminism that would finally break the back of the patriarchy that both its biggest haters and boosters predicted it’d be? Probably not.

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