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Maureen Dowd vs. Hillary Clinton, MRAs and the Honey Badger Brigade: The dazzling glare of sexism and the alluring “gender-blind” lie – Salon

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Some pained thoughts at the women caught in the middle of the controversy over the “Honey Badgers” booth at the Calgary Expo.

I haven’t written a lot lately because I’ve been confronted with a lot of disheartening things–things that, as a guy, it’s hard for me to comment on directly.

Take the recent kerfuffle where the “Honey Badger Brigade,” a women’s auxiliary of the noxious A Voice for Men MRA media empire (“Honey Badger” is MRA jargon for women who are “strong enough” to reject feminism and embrace MRA logic) got their booth booted from the Calgary Expo last weekend. The argument was that the Honey Badgers had signed up for a booth at the expo under false pretenses and they wouldn’t have been allowed in had the convention organizers known they’d be there to harass feminists.

I am a fan of this decision. I’m a fan of it because I actually am familiar with A Voice for Men and the Honey Badgers and I find their beliefs noxious and extremely harmful. I have no sympathy with the Honey Badger Brigade’s aims, or their methods, or the way they conducted themselves at this con. I’m glad they were kicked out.

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