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Men Without a Country: Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, My Father and Me – The Daily Beast

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Republishing a Facebook post I wrote a long time ago about Trayvon Martin, this time as a response to the shooting of Mike Brown. I’ve had second thoughts about this piece since I wrote it, about how drawing a direct parallel between black and Asian experiences is out of line, but many people–black and Asian–tell me it speaks to them, so I’m reserving judgment.

When my father first came to this country as a graduate student, there was an incident where he and a friend were walking home and were suddenly confronted in a parking lot by a group of apparently intoxicated students in a car, driving around them in circles, shouting threats and racist catcalls.

My father’s friend counseled him to ignore it, to wait for them to get their jollies and leave, that this is just the kind of thing that happens once in a while.

My father waited, and they didn’t leave, and then my father picked up a rock and said, “I’m counting to thirty and if they’re not gone by then this rock is going through their windshield.”

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