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Model Minority Rage: Why the Hulk Should Be an Asian Guy – The Daily Beast

Whenever I take a clickbait quiz to determine which of The Avengers I would be, I always game the questions to aim for the Hulk. No question, the Hulk is my Avenger, hands down, and I will always be upset that of the Avengers his stand-alone movies have fared the worst, box-office and critical-opinion-wise.

The main reason, of course, is that they didn’t get the right actor to play Bruce Banner until The Avengers hit theaters. You definitely don’t want a brooding hunk like Eric Bana to be Banner, nor do you even really want a weedy, pugnacious punk like Edward Norton (who was awesome in films where a weedy pugnacious punk was exactly what you needed, like American History X and Fight Club).

No, the whole point of a superhero with a secret identity is the dichotomy. Clark Kent shouldn’t be sexy or buff, he should be a nebbishy dork; Bruce Wayne’s public face shouldn’t be grim and foreboding, he should be a spoiled, dissolute playboy. The recent Superman and Batman film franchises have both suffered for forgetting this.

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