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My “Supergirl” hypocrisy: Female superheroes don’t need to be “broken” to kick ass

I was one of the many Internet snarkers ragging on “Supergirl” when the “first look” trailer came out in May. The unfortunate timing of it coming out right after a hilarious spoof of “chick flick” tropes in a superhero context on “SNL” was just too much to ignore. In unison with a gro
aning Twitter mob, I talked about how little I wanted to see 20-something millennial angst mixed in with explosions and gunfire and alien fistfights.

I said, at the time, that it was obvious that Melissa Benoist’s version of Kara Zor-El was a character designed to evoke stereotypical millennial angst—“I’m more than someone’s assistant!” I pointed out that it was extremely grating to juxtapose stereotypical millennial angst–the feeling of being a well-educated, creative person who’s underemployed and disrespected in the current economy–with themes of military combat, rescue operations and life-and-death stakes.

I am deeply familiar with millennial angst. I am not at all familiar with fearing for my life or the lives of my colleagues and loved ones on a regular basis, with witnessing scenes of horrific violence up close, with confronting people willing and able to do me physical harm to get what they want.

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