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My Whirlwind Rise to Jeopardy! Fame — and Villainy – The Huffington Post

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My first ever proper published piece under a byline, talking about my own view of the whole Jeopardy! viral phenomenon.

Exactly one week ago, I was sitting in the Millennium Broadway hotel in a room overlooking Times Square, surrounded by empty pizza boxes. I’d just seen off several friends who lived in NYC who’d come by my room to watch me lose my 12th and final episode of Jeopardy!

My flight from Cleveland to New York and my plush hotel room had been paid for by a corporate expense account from Disney/ABC. I was turning in early because the next day I was scheduled to go on a whirlwind media tour with Good Morning AmericaLIVE With Kelly and Michael, NPR’s Here and Now and Inside Edition.

In the weeks previous, I’d seen my grinning mug in full color in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Washington Post. I’d been forwarded clips of myself on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, NPR. I’d seen my words published by Slate, the AV Club, the Daily Beast, the New Yorker.

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