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Nerd is the new normal – The Guardian

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My first print op-ed, my take on the “dilution” of the “nerd identity” and what drives it.

In ye olden days, being “normal” was easy. You watched what was playing on one of the few main channels on TV, you ate at the one restaurant in your town where everyone else ate, you repeated the same jokes you heard around the water cooler at work. Information moved slowly, communication was limited, subcultures took a long time to develop.

So they tell me, anyway. These days, a new subculture can coalesce around some obscure YouTube meme and spawn a whole jargon, style of dress and/or wiki full of fanfiction in roughly 27 minutes. Just go ask Alex from Target or try to count on Too Many Cooks.

Nowadays, the all-remembering internet lets you feed your curiosity about the full episode guide of a cartoon from your childhood with the click of a mouse. Now you can sort yourself into a “fandom” for your favorite cartoon – or your favorite sports team, or Linux distribution, or artisanal flavored mustard – instantaneously. Now the rabbit hole of how deeply you can get “into” one of your interests is basically bottomless.

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