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Netflix Without Borders: Why the Streaming Service Going Global Is a Big Deal

So what does it really mean for Netflix to go global?

For globetrotting Americans like me it’s a matter of convenience. Now, if I’m visiting relatives in Taiwan over the holidays and feel like mainlining comfort-food TV rather than making the effort to interact with my family, I can surf directly to Netflix and cue upOrange Is the New Black without going through the rigmarole of a VPN. (Cue Master of None jokes about watching Dexter in India.)

Netflix isn’t doing it for me, though—they’ve already got my subscription fee. They’re doing it for my cousins in Taiwan, who theoretically could be Netflix subscribers already if they wanted to but would have to go through the rigmarole of using a service like a VPN or DNS proxy to trick Netflix into thinking they’re in the United States before they could use it.

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