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Not in our name, either: Rejecting the myth of Asians as the model minority – Fusion

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Me speaking out about the wedge strategy of using Asians against blacks in controversies like affirmative action.

“Oppression Olympics” is a bad word. Very little positive tends to happen when members of various minorities start to battle over who has it worse–the whole point of the term “intersectionality” is to put a label on the general fact that it’s way more complicated than that.

That said–if we were to hold an Oppression Olympics for the past month or so, just perusing through the headlines we can see casual brutality against black teenagers, a terrorist mass shooting targeting the black community, and a wave of black churches burning down due to suspected arson.

Meanwhile, over here in the Asian corner we’ve got…Harvard University dismissing a complaint that they don’t admit as many Asian students as we’d like them to despite already admitting lots of Asian students.

Wow. I don’t know that that even qualifies for a bronze.

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