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Outrage culture changed the world: “PC” critics are wrong — marriage equality happened because activists used shame and rage – Salon

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Everyone’s so negative about “outrage culture,” but no real political change happens without outrage.

Gather round, young post-millennials who’ve grown up feeling like social progress is an inevitable onrushing tide and are therefore prone to “liking” Facebook posts about Feminism Going Too Far and The Left-Wing Outrage Machine.

Gather round, everyone who says dumb shit about how everyone’s just too darn mean to marriage equality opponents and proclaiming that it takes no courage to stand up and celebrate marriage equality because that battle was won “more than a decade ago.”

Gather round, all you well-meaning liberals simultaneously preaching the same sanctimonious sermon about how the “social justice left” is too uncompromising, too zealous, too mean. Gather round especially you concern trolls talking about how “we’re winning” and therefore should be magnanimous in our inevitable, God-ordained victories rather than struggling in the unseemly manner of people who are actually afraid of losing.

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