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Race, outrage and white male excuses: It’s much worse than just one frat boy – Salon

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Complaining about people prematurely celebrating victory against racism just because one racist frat got banned in Oklahoma.

My Twitter feed is celebrating some unusually badass victories going down in the world of civil rights at the moment.

We have a clearly documented case of horrific, vicious racism verbalized as blatantly as you could ask for–brothers of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon gleefully chanting in praise of white supremacy and in mockery of murdered black men. We have an unusually badass university president who, rather than employing the usual stalling-for-time-till-the-story-dies approach of university administrators, expels the two identified ringleaders on the spot and immediately severs the University of Oklahoma’s ties with SAE.

And despite the usual apologetics blaming peer pressure, alcohol and all the other usual white male excuses for white male behavior, it looks like the media isn’t having it regarding 19-year-old Parker Rice, the man caught on camera leading the boisterous “There Will Never Be A N***** SAE” chant. Rice has already lost his admission to OU, and the stain on his reputation will follow him for a long time. As it should.

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