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#RaceTogether is a debacle: The real reason why Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coke keep failing on Twitter – Salon

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The sorry spectacle of brands pretending to have a soul on social media never really works.

Well, it’s only been 24 hours as I write this since Starbucks announced its #RaceTogether campaign and already it can safely be said to have transitioned from “experiment” to “debacle.”

The consensus is overwhelmingly against #RaceTogether, especially among pretty much every actual person of color I’ve heard weigh in on it–and, indeed, when I straw-polled my friends, it seemed that the more service industry experience someone has had the more gobsmacked they were that anyone could think it was a good idea.

The cliché when describing P.R. disasters is “Although at first glance it seems like a good idea…” No one has said that about #RaceTogether. At first glance it seems like a terrible idea. Conversations about race are incredibly difficult to have–we all know this. It’s hard when we have them with our close friends and colleagues. It’s hard when we have them in college classrooms when everyone there has volunteered to have their ideas challenged and debated.

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