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Reddit’s Terrorists Have Won: Ellen Pao and the Failure to Rebrand Web 2.0 – The Daily Beast

Daily Beast
A look at the big picture of how Reddit users’ “victory” in driving out CEO Ellen Pao actually prove that the site is doomed to fail as a business, thanks to its entrenched toxic culture.

Some of the worst trolls on the Internet are celebrating victory, as embattled interim CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao stepped down yesterday after what can charitably be described as a month or so of pure hell.

Let’s review the story briefly, since there’s a gushing torrent of BS that’s accompanying the joyful celebrating of Pao’s departure among Reddit’s userbase. Yes, there was a petition calling for Pao’s removal among Reddit’s users that crested 200,000 signatures before she stepped down.

The stated reason for this petition was the firing of Victoria Taylor, the Reddit administrator responsible for coordinating Reddit’s celebrated “AMA” or Ask Me Anything sessions where celebrities fielded unscripted questions from the users.

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