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Remember when we liked the Internet? Longing for a world without trolls, tracking and Twitter roundups – Salon

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My review of Marilyn Fu’s The Sisterhood of Night and how it speaks to the hunger for quiet in a world filled with digital noise.

I made a commitment a while ago, in the wake of the deeply embarrassing statistics about female directors in Hollywood, to boost the work of women–especially Asian women–in film.

It’s been easier to do so than I thought it’d be, since two of the most powerful films I’ve seen this year about the experience of being a young person in today’s world happen to have been made by Asian-American women–”Advantageous,” written by Jennifer Phang, a woman of Chinese-Malaysian and Vietnamese descent, and “The Sisterhood of Night,” written by Marilyn Fu, a Taiwanese-American (with a Taiwanese-American lead character played by Willa Cuthrell).

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