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“Serial” demanded no answers: Why Sarah Koenig was smart to embrace uncertainty – Salon

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Thoughts on the frustratingly inconclusive ending of NPR’s true-crime podcast, and how the mystery is most of the appeal.

“Serial” is one of those projects I’ve admired from a distance, catching up on episodes in my spare time while cowering at the prospect of the amount of thought I’d have to put into it to match the erudition of its most obsessive fans.

I’m fascinated if only because it’s so weird that a journalist doing a radio story about a 15-year-old cold case–the alleged murder of high school senior Hae-Min Lee by ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed—has become the headline-making news that it has. Other people, much more invested than I am in the story, have done reams of analysis–both analysis of the crime that forms the central plot of the story, and analysis of the problems with the ways the story has been told–that I can’t hope to match.

But here’s what struck me about “Serial,” as we hit the closing chapter of one of the most unlikely media success stories of our age:

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