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Shut Up and Leave Martin Luther King Alone – The Daily Beast

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Finally committing to written form my annual rant about all the things that infuriate me about how we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and turn him into a benevolent Santa Claus caricature in order to assuage our own consciences.

Dear Fellow Middle-Class Non-Black People of America:

I’m glad we all seem to like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that we all collectively agreed to put him on stamps and name streets after him and take Monday off in his memory (well, those of us who work for government offices, anyway).

I’m glad that Selma got nominated for Best Picture—it deserves it, and a bunch of other noms besides that it didn’t get. I’m glad that they finally put a memorial up for King in 2011—I was there when it opened, I got to see King’s stern face glaring across the Tidal Basin at the memorial to the great slaveholding president Thomas Jefferson.

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