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Someone Already Did the Definitive Pop Culture Parody Of Joss Whedon (It Was Joss Whedon) – Thought Catalog

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For Noah Berlatsky’s Joss Whedon blog roundup–advancing the thesis that Joss Whedon did a scathing critique of his own career with the oft-misunderstood Dollhouse.

So the Almighty Joss Whedon’s feminist cred has been the subject of some Internet controversy of late, thanks to the kerfuffle over Age of Ultron’s portrayal of Strong Female Character Black Widow and the subsequent meta-kerfuffle over why exactly he quit Twitter and whether his deactivation of his Twitter account somehow constituted yet more evidence of Feminism Gone Too Far.

(For what it’s worth, I read a lot of the tweets laying into him, and while some of them can be made to fit that narrative I don’t really see the Feminist Outrage in freaking out about the death of Quicksilver, a male character, or snarking about the movie being kind of overstuffed and disappointing. But what do I know.)

But yes, definitely, I acknowledge that Joss Whedon, despite being one of my faves, is problematic and that in general yes Your Fave is Problematic. I’d even say that the particular idiosyncratic tics and hypocrisies and contradictions in Joss Whedon’s brand of feminism bear examination, that if we can be mean enough to make a Hollywood in-joke out of parodying the characteristic style of Michael Bay and James Cameron someone by now should’ve done it to Joss Whedon.

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