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Stop calling them “Vanilla ISIS”: Mocking the Bundys and Oregon extremists pretends that violence isn’t an American tradition

Yes, I laughed at the names “Y’all Qaeda” and “Vanilla ISIS” to describe the armed terrorists–and yes, I do insist on using that word–who’ve taken over a federal building in Oregon.

And like many other Twitter users it took me just a few hours to regret laughing at the name and start saying we shouldn’t use it.

That’s not mainly because of the “classist implications” of “Y’all Qaeda” and “redneck” humor, though that’s part of it — though I agree that lumping in all poor or working-class white people with violent nativists and racists is unhelpful, especially when it serves as a way to pretend nativism and racism are somehow not a problem among our wealthy coastal elites. (It doesn’t help that it’s a way for wealthy landowners like Cliven Bundy and Dwight Hammond — and, for that matter, George W. Bush and Donald Trump — to pretend they’re oppressed underdogs by putting on a cowboy hat and pointing to New York journalists mocking them.)

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