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The Chapel Hill Shootings and the Benefit of the Doubt – The Daily Beast

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Looking at the double standards we apply to scary foreigners vs. normal-seeming white guys next door.

It finally happened. The #ChapelHillShootings tag worked—the media actually paid attention to a “role reversal” story about a white anti-Muslim murdering three Muslims and covered it as a hate crime.

After all the “When pigs fly” jokes about how it would never happen we actually got to witness a miracle—educated white anti-Muslim atheists having to publicly, ritually denounce extremists in their ranks in response to negative press. They’ve so far experienced for one day what Muslims in this country have lived through for 14 years or longer.

I take a certain gleeful schadenfreude in Richard Dawkins acting surprised and bewildered when he has to answer for the actions of someone who happens to share his belief system. If it were repeated several dozen times within the next decade, I might even say that the world was becoming something close to fair.

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