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The Making of a ‘Terrorist’: Sikh From Toronto Was Framed for the Paris Attacks By GamerGate Trolls

Meet Veerender Jubbal.

I confess that, as with many other people I’ve only met through social media, I don’t know much about his personal life—how old he is exactly, whether he’s in a relationship, what he does for a living. He’s “Twitter famous” in the most arbitrary sense of the term; a random Torontonian Sikh with family in India and 12.4K Twitter followers who mostly posts about his interests and rarely about himself.

His English is sometimes awkward, being his second language, and his “takes” are sometimes naïve—as he has had to all-too-frequently say in the past year, he’s “just a kid.” But I’ve always been impressed with the sincerity and the earnestness with which he writes; he’s a relentlessly cheerful, positive person who refrains from personal attacks and negativity with a scrupulosity that’s rare in the vicious snark tank of modern-day Twitter. Part of his “brand” is refusing to use profanity, and responding to insults and trolling with a stone-faced “Gosh.” He’s even been given the honorary title of “Social Justice Healer” by his fans, and for a while his avatar was a picture a friend drew of him as a Blue Lantern—while the better-known superhero team the Green Lantern Corps is known for willpower and grit, their Blue Lantern counterparts are known for optimism and hope.

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