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This Season of The Bachelorette Is a Bust – Slate

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I get persuaded to watch the latest season of The Bachelorette and observe that the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise does have a certain integrity to it, which this season violates.

The Bachelor franchise has outlived many other dating shows by avoiding being easily pegged as a vehicle for cheap objectification. Yes, it’s romance in a highly artificial environment, but romance is all about artificiality—we all engage in it every time we plan a “perfect” date, be it a first date or a 10th date or a “date night” with our spouse. We all sometimes nurture the hope that the magic of love at first sight under ideal circumstances—the alluring eye contact with a “perfect” stranger—can blossom into something real. We all know someone it’s happened to, and we long to see it happen on TV, even though it usually doesn’t (given the dismal record of marriages produced by the show).

But that fantasy is a delicate one. The barest hint of cynicism or sleaze is enough to puncture that bubble. And three episodes into this season of The Bachelorette, I’ve already given up on the show.

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